About Us

New Level Radio is un-matched in the area of music and video programming, custom branding, direct messaging, on-hold programs and personal attention. We create living breathing radio networks that give our clients ROI.

We are not  “background” music providers! We are music and marketing experts all with terrestrial radio station expertise. Unlike services such as Muzak, DMX, and others, we do not have channels or generic playlists. We build every program from scratch based off each clients unique business.

New Level Radio provides monthly contact with our clients to consult and help continue to make the program fresh and current every month. We have the technology to make changes on the fly. This is crucial when promotions change.

Unlike other services where thousands of clients are receiving the same music, we offer a unique playlist for each client. This gives our clients the ability to remove/add songs and artists! We have taken the impersonal and generic medium of “background” music and make it a client driven relationship.

With our on going consulting and personal attention, your programs are constantly evolving and changing to ensure a living breathing video and radio station! You will have personal representatives that know your program and you personally! You won’t be calling an 800 number to talk with someone that has no idea of who you are or what your service entails.

New Level Radio Key Features

  • A 100% customized on property video and audio network that promotes your property.
  • A consistent program where the music and messaging can be controlled.
  • Music that reflects the demographic and lifestyles of your various consumers. Music can be completely customized including day-parting  playlists and using different music styles.
  • Branded messaging that changes every month  revolving 100% around your products, promotions, and corporate focus.
  • Targeted point of purchase information that will not only enhance the overall experience for the customer, but also translate to additional revenue.
  • Updates to correlate with sales, changes in products, or any other time sensitive promotions.